Netshomi Zam African Beadwork - Beaded Animal Sculpture African Giraffe
Netshomi Zam African Beadwork - Beaded Animal Sculpture African Big Five
Netshomi Zam African Beadwork - Beaded Art

#APieceOf AfricaToCallYourOwn

Netshomi Zam
(net-shaw-mee zam)
Xhosa slang for ‘with my friends’


We are a collective of extraordinary artists in the African genre of wire and beads.
Our work includes sculptures, installations, homeware, and private commissions.
Browse through our website and make a piece of Africa your own.

Exquisite Wildlife Heads

Our uniquely crafted wildlife heads are a beautiful addition to any space. Each piece is considered, created to scale with a sense of realism and hand crafted by a team of skilled workers.


At Netshomi Zam, we take on commissions to create once-off, unique pieces to call your own. If you would like to enquire about a custom artwork, please visit this page.

Our Shop

Gift Vouchers

If you are unsure what someone would like, but would still love to gift them an exclusive Netshomi Zam piece, we have vouchers available to purchase.

On Sale


Netshomi Zam will now be producing and attending to Streetwires customers, as well as providing work for the Streetwires artists. To view our smaller pieces and Streetwires collections, click here.

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